If you’ve been down to Little Box sauna lately, you’ve probably heard me raving about the spring sauna. These mild springs days are my favorite time for sauna because it’s perfect weather for a gradual cool-down between sauna rounds. A gradual cool-down gives your body a chance to fully recalibrate between the hot and cold. In my experience, the relaxation after a full, gradual cool-down is the deepest and longest-lasting of all sauna highs. I’m stoked that Little Box has been invited to share the spring sauna experience with NE Minneapolis! Thank you Brasa Rotisserie, Fulton Beerand Peace Coffee for kicking things off and hosting us at the‪#‎WinterWarmer‬ event last weekend. I’m happy to announce that we’ll be extending the NE residency for the next few weeks at Dangerous Man Brewing Co!

Reservations now available: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sauna-reservations-dangerous-man-brewery-tickets-23010824997

See you on the bench!

– JP