Member-Owner Pass Packages

Member pass packages may be purchased by 612 Sauna Cooperative member-owners only. Purchase public pass packages here.

Choose your Member-Owner session pass package

Please allow for 24 hours to receive your pass package code by email. Passes are valid one year from purchase date. Passes are subject to tax.

Contact with any questions or checkout issues.

How to purchase a Pass Package or Gift Certificate

Receive discounted reservation pricing and avoid the Eventbrite fees with a Pass Package.

1.) Choose your Pass Package from the drop-down selector.

2.) Click “buy now” to be taken to the Paypal payment page.

3.) On the Paypal payment page, choose whether you’d like to pay via paypal or credit card. 

The Credit Card option is the grey button on the bottom. 

4.) You’ll receive a confirmation email within 3 business days (we process passes manually) with your Pass Package promotion code, which you will use at checkout to book future reservations. 

Our Pass Packages are valid one year from the date of purchase