Become a Member of the nation’s first Sauna Co-Op

Member-Owners of the 612 Sauna Society Cooperative enjoy and share the Sauna tradition with the Twin Cities by partnering with local businesses and neighborhood organizations to offer reservations at The Forge mobile sauna throughout the year. 


Benefits of Membership:

  • Priority access and discounted sauna reservations (Prime Sauna season is of course the winter months, but the Co-Op will endeavor to be open as much as possible, contingent on Member-Owner and Volunteer contributions.)

  • Members receive $10 off each sauna session, and additional discounts if they purchase a pass package!
  • Invites to special pop-up Sauna parties throughout the year.
  • Recurring monthly member nights where members sauna for free!
  • Voting rights: You shape the future of the 612 Sauna Society.
  • Member-owners elect and can run for the Board of Directors. Member-Owners must patronize the Co-op at least once per year to maintain Active status and voting rights.
    • Future annual refunds: Members will be eligible to receive refunds based on yearly profits, individual patronage and participation in the co-op.

Member Registration

When you become a Member-Owner of the 612 Sauna Society Cooperative, you receive special benefits (like priority access to reservations, discounted tickets, voting rights and access to special events at hot spots around the city). These special benefits come with a special responsiblity—the responsibility to help us create and share a welcoming Sauna sanctuary for all. We’ve spelled out this responsibility and expectation in the 612 Sauna Society Code, which all members agree to uphold, and can be reviewed, studied, printed and shared loud proud here.

By purchasing your Member-Owner share, you are agreeing to abide by the 612 Sauna Society Code, as well as the Membership Agreement and Bylaws.  

Thank you for helping us share the gift of Sauna!

See you on the bench, 

– 612 AdMN

To secure your Membership spot, please purchase your $250 Member-Owner Share using the link below.