1. Sauna is a safe place for everyone. All Members and Guests will be held to the highest standards of respect, inclusiveness, and courtesy. The health benefits of Sauna run in every direction. One’s personal mental health, comfort, and security are every bit as important as the tremendous physical benefits of Sauna. Please always keep front of mind that you are in a shared environment, always aware, and always respectful of the feelings and boundaries of others.  
  1. Showing up is essential and mandatory. If you sign up for a reservation, show up. Show up on time, hydrated, with all of your gear, and ready to be yourself on the bench. We need you to make this work, in all ways. Cancellations are expensive, and space on the bench is in high demand. Every no-show is a great loss to many. Don’t do that.  
  1. Simple courtesies and formalities go a long way. Check in with the Host upon arrival, and introduce yourself to others. Sign off on a waiver. Lose your shoes before you enter the deck. Help your guest find their way if it’s their first time, have them read the Sauna Etiquettes. Every session will have a magical mix of others. Be open and ready to share.  
  1. As a functioning business entity, The 612 Sauna Cooperative is only healthy when all Members are consistently and entirely engaged. Our vitality and health are only as vibrant as your voting, volunteering, and staying up with your fiscal responsibilities.
  1. Fiscal realities are another shared responsibility. Pay on time, and help the Cooperative keep administrative costs to an absolute minimum.
  1. Please take the time to read and understand digital communications. We only have e mail and a website as a means to reach all of the Cooperative effectively. Please give your Cooperative meaningful and useful feedback, provide solutions if you provide criticism. Provide labor if you have an idea to realize. Contribute your stories and photos to Social Media. Help tell the story of the Coopeartive and all of the health benefits you and your Community are reaping.
  1. Volunteering is the backbone of 612 Sauna Cooperative. It is not mandatory for you to Volunteer, but we absolutely encourage everyone to join in! And always always always remember that people helping out on the ground and in the background are volunteers. They do this because they love Sauna. They deserve your utmost patience, kindness, and understanding. Thank you in advance for being kind. Always.
  1. The Sauna Cooperative does not ascribe itself to any one set of traditions. While much of what has been created tends to lean on Nordic traditions of cedar lined Saunas, water-bathed rocks, and wood-fired stoves – we remain open to various styles and traditions of Sweat. Whether they be porcelain-tiled Russian Banyas or Turkish baths, Native American willow-bound sweat lodges or Japanese steam baths and mineral pools – we are here to share, learn, grow, and bond through the joy and health inherent in all traditions.