Sauna Awareness Month Shout-outs: Tim Dixon was here the night I got robbed. He cheered me up by dropping off a HUGE load of kilin-dried oak. Knowing how Tim rolls, it would have been much easier for him to just cut me a check for firewood for the rest of the year, but he took the time to drive it here all the way from WI and unload it himself while I was chilling in the sauna. Varsity play TD. Nicole Nardone for hosting—yet another—fabulous Woman’s sauna night. Rosie Hoyem for stepping up to host next month. (look for signup sheet very soon). Speaking of Woman’s Sauna night, thank you Molly Reichert for starting this tradition (and for the nocino!). Jonas Lindberg for chagga mushrooms and hand-puffed wild rice snacks. Sam and Aaron Blum for their wood stacking skills. Kate Teoh for brining so many great new friends by the last few weeks (and for her home-brew!). Garrick Yoong for his bike-bon-fire-trailer/transformer. (I have never met someone who bikes around town with a portable bonfire kit but I can tell we’re gonna be friends. Abigail Augusta for hosting Mr. Robyn Perry and a lovely soup dinner. Sean Smuda for helping me scrub butt sweat from the benches. Sara Pajunen for Queen rock-out-request night. Bethany Hallbecause she’s awesome and introduced me to my new bud Tucker GerrickChris Webber for putting up with Glenn Auerbach and myself on the bench that night. (Man, we can really get going! You’re a good sport, Chris!). Calvin for being the ambassador of The 612 Sauna Society to the Midtown YWCA sauna. And a huge standing ovation to THE REAL HOST of the 612 Sauna Society, Ms. Rachel Hiltsley. I get all the credit for hosting, but she’s the real hostess with the most whose big heart and generosity and appreciation for fellow weirdos is making this all possible. The Society is forever in your debt, Ms. Hiltsley. Oh, and Chris BergerTeke O’Reilly and Chris Myers for making me laugh so hard I had a stomach ache the next day. I owe many more thank you’s but this will have to do for now. This post is already way too long for anyone to actually read…. xo, JP