The other night we used sauna alchemy to transform anarchy into abundance.

Turns out that there’s no shortage of “sauna awareness” here in 612. So much, in fact, that people started to add spots to the google doc signup form for Sauna Awareness month. Unfortunately, adding spots in the sauna is not quite as easy as adding cells to a google doc. But it seemed like an awesome problem to have/solve, so I just let it ride and figured it would work itself out—which it totally did.  We ended up having two more people than spots. At first I felt bad making folks wait. But as soon as we started cycling through cool-down rounds, I realized that having 2 people “on-deck” not only works—it reminds people in the hot room to cycle out and get there cool-down rounds in, which is a critical part of a proper sauna sesh. So it turns out that 8 is the new 6! With this in mind, I’ve added two spots to the calendar for the rest of the month. Get em while they’re hot!

See ya on the bench,