10.  To keep pintrest boards pretty.

9.  The ongoing war between Scandinavians and soft wood trees species.    

8.  For these guys to prove their stupidity.

7.  Because ancient people wanted to keep thing as “traditional” as possible.

6.  So we could better relate to frozen TV dinners and other microwavable entities.

5.  So the world could see JP’s hairy chest on the cover of the Sunday Star Tribune.

4..  What else would your gym do with those 56 square feet in the locker room?

3. Because we need a place to have sex and doing it among family and friends in oppressively hot wooden boxes has always appealed to human beings. 

2.  To remind modern American’s how gross nudity is and that the body is really something to either be objectified or ignored.

1.  And the #1 reason humans have used sauna for over 2000 years…. To teach the world Finnish pronunciation (it’s Sow-na, not saw-na… in case you haven’t heard! And in other news, the Dutch called, and they would like you to start pronouncing their gutteral “g” when talking about “gas” prices).

There are a lot of reasons to sauna, some better than others ; )

So tell me, why do you sauna?


See you on the bench!

– JP