This post has nothing to do with sauna, but I never promised to keep posts explicitly sauna-related, so game-on ; )

I just sent my friend Somya the text quoted below. I hope it peak at my phone makes you curious enough to click the link and listen to a few of the Waking Up Podcasts. This podcast is way more worth your time than most, especially my own! 

you’ve expressed awareness, and even affection, for my “sharper edges,” so it seems responsible for me to a) share that those edges originate from a desire to live more fully in truths that I intuit but often lack adequate understanding of and language for, and b) I do encounter examples of those who can [articulate this intuition] and I truly delight in their fullness. Sam Harris is the most consistent contemporary example I can think of. His intellectual honesty is such a rarity that it often flirts with tragedy. I implore you to listen to Harris with as much of you as you can bare. This “ask me anything” podcast is an excellent example of what I’m pointing at here: