The 612 Sauna Society honors the heritage of the Nordic countries, and the many immigrants who brought the Sauna and Bastu (as it’s called in Norway) traditions with them to the upper Midwest. Our residency at Norway House is meant to share the many benefits and celebrate the vitality of traditions that continue to inspire and take new forms.

Once Sauna becomes a part of your lifestyle, you can’t live without it. This is precisely why our co-op raised money to build The Forge mobile sauna, which we’re thrilled to share with the community—this month thanks to Norway House and Mcgough Construction.

The 612 Sauna Society does not ascribe itself to any one set of traditions. While much of what has been created tends to lean on Nordic traditions of cedar lined Saunas, water-bathed rocks, and wood-fired stoves – we remain open to various styles and traditions of Sweat. We are here to share, learn, grow, and bond through the joy and health inherent in all traditions.

This month, in addition to our regular weekly reservations, we’re offering two special opportunities that celebrate the diverse roots of these ancient health tradition.  

Bastu Benchtime with Max Stevenson
2:00 PM Sunday, February 18th, 2018
@Norway House mobile sauna
residency hot spot

Members of Norway House are invited to a special sauna session with Max Stevenson (Director of Gallery and Programming) and 612 Sauna Society Founder John Pederson. The group will discuss the importance of “participatory preservation” for traditional forms of community health practices (from seed saving to bathing). This event is open to the public, and free for Members of The Norway House.

Learn more and reserve your spot 

February Toast Member Appreciation Party & Fundraiser 
5 PM Friday, February 23rd 2018
Norway House mobile sauna
residency hot spot

This month we’re toasting the diverse roots of steam-based health traditions with a mash-up steam experience of Norwegian Bastu, German Aufguss, and Finnish Sauna.

This fundraiser sauna session will feature Nordic myths, German steam treatment, a Finnish Sauna stove, and a guided exhibition tour from Norway House Exhibition Director Max Stevenson.

Public: $75/reservation
Co-op and Norway House Members: FREE