Dear Hot Ones,

As of right today, we have 42 days until the Stoke Yard Sauna Cooperative is live on Indigogo. A lot has happened since last week’s update, I’m happy to report that we hit some major milestones these past 7 days, including:

  • Teke finished the script and locked down a kick-ass production company (Fly Over Films) for our campaign video.
  • Rod reviewed our budget projections and checked all spreadsheet formulas to ensure that the amount we’re raising is the amount we need.
  • Margie signed up to lead the charge on our outreach campaign.
  • Max stepped up to own our permitting process to make sure we have everything we need from the city for our campaign events.
  • Alex reviewed the business plan and worked with me to improve our membership package.
  • Scott, Margie and I met yesterday morn to review our campaign event and conversion plan.
  • Andrea and Max are helping us work out the details for our lease to operate Little Box.
  • Gordon and Max are coming over tonight to get started on the new design for the sauna yard (i.e. Stoke Yard warming deck, cold plunge, showers, and stairs).
  • Glenn signed up to produce a podcast series to bring local celebs and public figures into the campaign effort (first guest is Omar Ansari, owner of Surly!).
Other committee highlights… 

We finally got a picture of the 612 Sauna Vampire. (Look closely—and not to worry, Sauna Squire Max escaped the attack unharmed.)

JP was hit head-on by this mini van while riding his bike home from work on Tuesday. He rolled over the hood, windshield and roof and somehow to lived to tell about it. [Apparently it ain’t my time to go yet… got work to do—sauna work!]

Gordon got a sweet new tat. Unfortunately, however, this puts him out of bench rotation for at least the weekend. (In case you ever wondered why I don’t have any tats, now you know ; )

JP is making full use of his new space for this delightful little conspiracy…

The latest and greatest development of the week is that we locked down Fair State Cooperative Brewery for our campaign launch party! Yup, yup, we’re cranking at full sauna steam on all fronts. We are on track to do something that is going to change winter forever in this city!
7 days down, 40 to go…
We can do this!
Stokely yours,
– JP