A few helpful tidbits before joining us on the bench… 

  • Sauna is a crucial element of hygge here in The North, almost a survival tool. Once sauna becomes a part of your lifestyle, you can’t live without it. This is precisely why the members of the 612 Sauna Society were so eager to raise the money to build the nation’s first Sauna Cooperative.
  • Together we raised $33,810 in 234 pledges that ranged from $25 to $450 dollars. We built The Forge sauna in just two months with the help of over 50 volunteers contributing hundreds of hours of labor. In April 2017, we launched the nation’s first Sauna Cooperative to own and operate the unit. The Forge is now available to Member-Owners of the Co-op on a regular basis. We also host special openings for the Public in collaboration with our community partners. 
  • Our gatherings happen rain or shine—the worse the weather, the better the Sauna!

What to bring…

  • Bathing suit (required)

  • Water bottle (non-metal)

  • 2—TWO— towels


    The Saunas are parked behind the house. Please park on the street and enter the front door of the house. The sauna(s) will be stoked and ready for those who reserved a spot.

    Please arrive hydrated so you can fully enjoy your evening as well as the health benefits of your benchtime. Sauna promotes healthy blood flow throughout the body by activation of the thermoregulatory system. (More on the health benefits of sauna here: www.612saunasociety.com/healthbenefits)


    The most overlooked aspect/secret to an amazing sauna experience is full cool downs. The more you cool down, the more benefit you’ll get from the heat!

    Practice full “rounds” to enjoy the full health benefits of Sauna. A round consists of 10-20 mins in the hot room (your body will tell you when your time is up), followed by a cool-down period outside. Letting your body really cool down between rounds by relaxing, rinsing in the outdoor shower and/or a dip in the creek will increase your circulation and provide the full physical and mental benefit of sauna. A typical sauna session consists of 3-4 rounds of hot room + cool-down.


    Please remove your shoes at the front door (of the house). Coats and bags can be left in the changing room.

    **Lastly, please sign the guest book at some point during your visit. It’s located on the ladder shelf inside the Firehouse Sauna.**


See you on the bench!