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Why does the Co-op have a Stoker Team?

The Co-op’s reservation schedule is designed to deliver a relaxed but energized level of activity throughout the event space by balancing two priorities:

1.) providing an experience that delivers the full benefits of Sauna and

2.) being strategic and smart about how we’re using the resources of our Co-op.

Our current reservation program reflects these prioritize by offering lengthy Sauna sessions (2 hours) with overlapping start times (on the hour). This approach allows us to maximize our reservation capacity in a way that minimizes traffic jams at session start and end times. However, this approach only works if guests are taking full cool-downs between hot rounds. The sauna will be too packed if guests are not spending time in other zone/spaces, which underscores the importance of the Stoker’s role of ensuring a cozy vibe throughout the event space(s).

Who should consider joining? 

Those interested in creating and sharing a superb Sauna experience at The Forge that reflects the shared values of its owners, the Members of the 612 Sauna Society Cooperative, as defined in the Sauna Society Code. 

Do I have to be a Member-Owner to join the Stoker Team?

No. Non-Members are welcome to join. Stoking is a great way to get involved and support our mission while we build capacity to open up more Membership spots.

Do members of the Stoker Team get special benefits or privilege? 

You bet they do. Stokers enjoy free benchtime before, during OR after their hosting shift. (It is up to the Stoker to take their benchtime at a time that works for them while prioritizing hosting responsibilities.)

Stoker team members who performed “Sauna Meister” shifts in November and December 2017 will recieve a $30 stipened per shift. Moving forward, stipends will be available for exclusively for Opening and Closing shifts. Stipends can be redeemed as payment, or as benchtime.

How do Stokers qualify for opening and closing shifts?

By receiving permissions from a Qualified Shift Lead.*

Qualified Opening Shift Leads: Erik Riese, Ben Hecker, Marta Daehn

Qualified Closing Shift Leads: Kirk Jensen, Andrew Campbell 

* Both Qualified Shift Leads and understudies are responsible for protocol consistency. In other words, Shift Leads are responsible for making sure we’re opening and closing the Sauna in the best way possible.

How do Stokers receive their stipends? 

Stokers must submit a W9 by January 5th to recieve their stipened payments for November  and December shifts. Stipends for November and December Meister shifts will be mailed by January 20th.

Starting January 1, stipends will be distributed on a quarterly basis.

Stokers performing non-hosting operations support tasks for the Stoker AdMN Team should report hours weeky to recieve their hourly AdMN support stipend of $20/hr.

What is expected and required of Stokers?

Stokers are expected to be positive and collaborative stewards of our Sauna experience. Stokers are welcoming, helpful, and always-on-the-lookout for opportunities—big and small—to improve our guests’ experience.

Stokers are expected to:

– Be on-time for their hosting shifts. Stokers “hand-off” hosting duties between shifts. You are responsible for the space and guests until the hosting handoff is made. Pls be respectful of others’ time by being on-time for your shift.

– Complete the Online Stoker Sign-in and checklist for each shift. (This checklist will be updated on a regular basis so it’s important that Stokers review and complete the checklist before each shift to stay up-to-date with operations updates.) 

– Stokers must sign up for at least 2 hosting shifts per month to maintain their Active status. Inactive spots will be offered to those on the Stoker Team Wait List. Stokers with the highest feedback rating from our Sauna Satisfaction Guest Survey will be given schedule priority. In other words, the better host you are, the easier it will be to maintain your Active status.