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Pre-booking access to 77 sauna reservations for pre-release in your upcoming marketing campaign.

Of the 666 sauna sessions we will host during the month of your sponsorship, half (333) will be available for pre-booking for the Members of our Co-op. The other half will be available for sponsors to release for pre-booking. Sponsors get to announce and release their reservations before tickets are available to the Public, which makes sponsorship an excellent component of your next market or outreach campaigns. Sign up for our monthly newsletter now and receive priority access to reservatios for next month’s Sauna Society Residency at The American Swedish Institute.

One Group Rental Sauna Party

Kick out the Co-op and enjoy a hosted Sauna Party with a group of 20 guests of your invitation . 


One Month Residency, $5,500

333 reservation pre-booking releases + $500 delivery and setup ($900 for each additional week)  

Two week residency $3,300  

154 reservation pre-booking releases + $500 delivery and setup

Other was to share Sauna…

Join the 612 STOKER Team

In order to open the Forge to its Member-owners, the Co-op needs personnel trained to operate the Sauna and execute openings at residencies throughout the Twin Cities this winter…