See you on the bench!

We’re building a community that creates and shares a transformative sauna experience. Join us!


We did it!

Together we raised $33,810 in 234 in pledges that ranged from $25 to $450 dollars. (Check out the Kickstarter here.) We built the a beautiful mobile sauna in just two months with the help of over 50 volunteers contributing hundreds of hours of labor.

And now, we’re keeping the doors open by forming a Sauna Co-op—the nation’s first.

The steps to building this Sauna Cooperative are, by necessity, totally incremental. We are cruising along with each step, but there are several more to go. Here’s what’s next…


May 1

Membership Campaign Closes, maintenance and fixes on The Forge begin. Member-Owners, mark your calendar for the next opening, May 20th and 21st! We’ll send an email to Member-Owners a week ahead of time with the link to reservations.


May 2 - July

The temporary Board of Directors will spend the next few months tightening up the Co-op’s legalities, staffing, volunteer corps, storage, and maintenance SOPs to successfully hand-off operations to new Cooperative management in the fall.


May 20 & 21

Member-Owners are invited to our next Dueling Sauna gathering at the Firehouse! Watch your email for the reservation link and details.


June - July

We will host a monthly Member pop-up Sauna Parties at surprise locations around the Twin Cities. Member-Owners will receive dates and reservation links via email at least a week in advance.


By the fall the Cooperative will realize itself as a well-organized collaborative community effort. Non-Member-Owners (i.e., the public) will be given access to Sauna in a more regular, easy-to-understand way. If all dreams are realized, there will be more vessels in play, and a variety of settings to enjoy Sauna throughout the Twin Cities come winter.

November 1

We will launch our first Co-op residency by November 1, 2017, offering Sauna reservations Thursday – Sunday to Member-Owners and their guests at The Forge. Folks will be able to buy punch cards and get notifications of public openings.

Sauna Society Needs YOU

We have much to celebrate and much work ahead. Apply to be a volunteer to get in on upcoming events, parties, and Sauna pop-ups. Send an email to to get on the list. We’ll be putting a lot of work into our website and software this summer to grow & maintain strong Community outreach.

Not a member but want to stay up-to-date with Sauna Society Public events? Sign up here for updates.

Please know that dozens of volunteers are putting in mad hours to make this happen, and it’s happening quickly! Thank you for your support and patience. The best place to stay up-to-date on Sauna Society developments is our Facebook Group page. You can also follow us on Twitter & Instagram @612SaunaSociety.


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See you on the bench!