Thank you for your generosity and support. We can’t wait to introduce you to your new sauna!

What to know and expect:

–  Please bring a non-metal water bottle, towel and bathing suit.

– Your reservation reserves you and your guest (if you booked two reservations) a seat (or two) on the sauna bench.

– The new sauna has a capacity of 9-10 people in the Hot Room.

– Our sauna is safe space for EVERYONE. Come as you are and expect to be respected by and respectful towards other guests.

– The sauna will be staffed by a trained sauna host (i.e. “Sauna Meister” at all times).

– Guests are welcome to start and end their sauna session any time within their 2 hour reservation period.

– No need to print your tickets (save the paper for your next sauna fire).

– When you arrive at ASI, enter the front door and walk through the reception area. You’ll see the sauna parked in the courtyard, which is accessible through the front Lobby of ASI. – Please wait for the Sauna Meister in the warming tent (and remove your shoes at the door).

– Swimming suits are required at all times.

– Guests are also encourged to enjoy the full health benefit of sauna by arriving hydrated and practicing full cool-downs between hot room sessions. Drinking water and cups will be available onsite. (Ask your host for more information about cool down cycles and the health benefits of sauna.)

– If you need to cancel or change your reservation, please send an email to

Still have a question? Email us!