Let’s sauna

Hi, my name is JP, I am the host (or “sauna meister,” as they call it in Germany) of Little Box Sauna and the founder of the 612 Sauna Society.

I love sauna and I love sharing it. I started sharing my mobile sauna, The Firehouse, a few years ago and the 612 Sauna Society started to grow. New projects like The Little Box Sauna have helped grow the group from my backyard to some of the most vibrant street corners in the city. Sauna is good for health and helps us turn cities into the connected, thriving societies they should be.

I pledge allegiance to this mission. I want to help 612 join civilized (though frigid) societies around the world who enjoying the benefits of sauna-fied life. If you enjoyed your experience at Little Box Sauna or The Firehouse and would like to see more of it happening around 612, please support this effort by helping me get to Bielefeld, Germany on April 18th for the first day of Deutschen Sauna-Bundes e. V. program Sauna Meister school.

We’re all in debt to the Finns for introducing the world to nordic sauna, but Germany is the only country in the world where public/community saunas are on the rise. I want to bring some of that awesomeness back to 612 by learning the latest in sauna maintenance, hospitality and management practices.

If this campaign is successful, I will attend the April 18th program in Bielefeld, Germany. If I don’t make my goal this year, I will use all fund donated (link below) for enrollment in the 2017 program.

I’m all in.

Thank you for helping make 612 as awesome as it should be.

See you on the bench!

– JP