I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Firehouse! 

A few helpful tidbits for your visit:

Please bring:

  • Bathing suit
  • Water bottles (non-metal)
  • Towel
  • Donation for firewood and repairs (20$ suggested donation)

According to ancient sauna tradition, it’s also considered very good luck to bring your sauna meister a treat, which has been known to include items as delicious and useful as: 

  • Soup, citrus or anything pickled
  • Luna Bars
  • Wild caught canned or smoked fishes or Red Table smoked meats (my favorite is the spicy one☺️)
  • Fresh organic fruits and/or veggies, especially avocados 


203 W. Minnehaha Parkway

Minneapolis, MN 55419

The sauna is parked behind the house. Please just follow driveway around back, where you’ll find us:

I will most likely already be in the hot room when you arrive. Just let yourself in, put your bathing suit on in the changing room and join us in the hot room when you’re ready.

The changing room is small and I like to keep it as tidy as possible to encourage more hang time in the changing room (ie. longer cool-down rounds). Shoes outside. Please use the hooks and hanging cubby shelf for your stuff.

Arrive hydrated. Don’t wait until you’re on the bench to drink water. Really… Dehydration sucks. No fun, not even a little. Go fill yourself a big glass of water now, and have another before you head over. I have drinking water onsite but pls arrive hydrated so you can enjoy your evening.

For optimal sauna experience, take lengthy/full cool-downs between rounds in the hot rooms. Cooling down between rounds increases circulation and will help you relax and absorb the full benefit of sauna. There is an outdoor shower available to rinse between rounds. There is also a place available to dunk in the creek. Please ask your host for more information about that once you arrive. 

**Please sign the guest book. I read it and it means a lot to me to get people’s honest feedback.**

Please use the hooks and hanging cubby shelf for your stuff. 

Please do not stress being on time. Start/end times are flexible. 

If you have any additional questions, pls call or text: 612-850-7600.

Thank you for your support of this delightful little conspiracy!

See you on the bench,