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 Preseason Workshops & Training

Connect with local enthusiasts, experts and Owners

Preseason Workshops

Come to learn, stay for Sauna! From design to hosting and health—Preseason workshop sessions are open to anyone interested in learning and sharing the transformative tradition of Sauna… Details and registration below.  

Pop-up Training

Operations training and practice for this year’s Stoker hosting team. Look for pop-up Sauna opportunities and sign up below to learn more about our Sauna Stoker hosting program.  

Kickoff Residency

Join us for our Kickoff residency with a special community partner. Past locations include the American Swedish Institute, Surly Brewing, Como Park, and Blackbird Cafe. Sign up here for updates to receive details on membership and reservations. 

Saturday, September 9th | 6 – 8:30 PM
MEET THE FORGE with Michael Gordon and Sara Hill

Enjoy a guided tour of The Forge with a spotlight on Sauna design best practices with Architect and 6SS Steering Committee Member Michael Gordon. We’ll fire up the stove and join Founding Member-Owner Sara Hill in the Sauna to hear how The Forge got its name. Bring your questions or just kick back and soak up some Sauna talk to share on the bench this winter. Workshop guests are welcome to use the Sauna during the workshop. If that’s you, please bring your bathing suit, towel—and any stress that needs to be converted into Sauna steam!  

Location: 3801 Park Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55419

Sunday, September 10 | 6 – 8:30 PM
MEET THE HEAT with Glenn Auerbach and Darrin Gee

Join Founder and Builder of The Forge, Glenn Auerbach for a crash course in getting the most out of your sauna stove.  Learn the nuances beyond mere temp to appreciate and enjoy the “authentic” sauna heat every session and learn how we incorporated these best practices into the hot room of The Forge from Lead Builder Darrin Gee.   

Co-op Member-owners and their guests are welcome to use the Sauna during this Q&A-style discussion with one of 612’s most seasoned and knowledgable experts. 

Location: 3801 Park Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55419

Sunday, September 17th | 6 – 8:30 PM
SAUNA FOR HEALTH with Margie Weaver and Katherine Campbell

You know Sauna feels amazing, but do you know why?   Join the 612 Sauna Society Health Advisory subcomittee for this crash course in Sauna physiology. Learn how to use Sauna and Wim Hoff breathing techniques to activate your thermoregulatory system for improved circulation and relaxation during your next Sauna round.  

Location: 3801 Park Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55419

Sunday, September 24th | 6 – 8:30 PM
SAUNA MAGIC with Garrett Conover 

612 Sauna Society documentarian Garrett Conover is returning to the 612 to present Sauna Magic a slideshow that will blend personal stories, an introduction to Sauna, and a glimpse of some of the saunas and people that have been interviewed for a book project of the same title. The revival of public sauna in Minneapolis and the rise of the sauna cooperative provides a pivotal point to that part of the story, carrying the excitement of local impact, and the global reach and radiance that is occurring.  Throughout the show, authentic sauna, tradition, grace, community, and the senses, are celebrated in the dance of images and weave of narrative.

Location: 3801 Park Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55419

The schedule will be updated on a rolling basis, so check back soon for more registration opportunities.

*** If you have an idea for a workshop, or would like to lead one yourself, please email us at ***

Join the 612 STOKER Team

In order to open the Forge to its Member-owners, the Co-op needs personnel trained to operate the Sauna and execute openings at residencies throughout the Twin Cities this winter.


  • Hosting certification (upon completion of 2 Workshop sessions)
  • Paid hosting shifts and free Sauna

    Trainees will receive training and hosting practice during September and October Preseason Workshop sessions to qualify for paid hosting shifts at The Forge starting November 1.

    The training program fee is $50 and includes lots of free benchtime at The Forge during Preseason Workshops. Your workshop registrations fees will be deducted from the $50 program fee. Once qualified, Stokers can sign up for paid hosting shifts at The Forge throughout the Sauna season.

Please know that dozens of volunteers are putting in mad hours to make this happen, and it’s happening quickly! Thank you for your support and patience. The best place to stay up-to-date on Sauna Society developments is our Facebook Group page. You can also follow us on Twitter & Instagram @612SaunaSociety.


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