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We’re building a community that creates and shares a transformative sauna experience. Join us!

Sauna in 612

Sauna is a crucial element of hygge here in The North, almost a survival tool. Once sauna becomes a part of your lifestyle, you can’t live without it. This is precisely why the members of the 612 Sauna Society were so eager to raise the money to build and share this wood-fired mobile unit: we NEED this thing!

Together we raised $33,810 in 234 pledges that ranged from $25 to $450 dollars. We built the sauna in just two months with the help of over 50 volunteers contributing hundreds of hours of labor.

The new 612 Sauna Debut @Surly Brewing Company


Special thanks to Omar Ansari and Surly Brewing Company for providing such an ideal venue for our first sauna residency! This Surly crew has been so helpful throughout, we’re honored to hoist the 612 Sauna Society flag for the first time at this classy local establishment. Surly truly understand the culture of the North, and we could not have made it this far without them. Thank you, Surly. Thank you, all supporters!

For the month of February, we’re first releasing reservation to our Kickstarter campaign supporters. Thanks to Surly, we will also offer limited public reservations.

It’s an excellent opportunity to experience our new wood-fired sauna and decide if you’d like to become a member-owner with guaranteed access. Memberships in the co-op will be available this spring. In the meanwhile, sign up here to be notified of the next public sauna opening sponsored by Surly.

Click here to be notified of the next Public Sauna Session.

The design of the new sauna centers around the elemental aspects of a transformative sauna experience. 

Flame Heat

Flame-heated saunas feel better because they produce more radiant heat than electric and because the flame creates natural circulation of air in the hot room. But don’t take my word for it, take Glenn’s.

Optimized for Health

The cool-down is the most under-rated and critical aspect of the sauna experience. The cool-down rounds activate the full health benefit of sauna. Cooling down your core—not just your skin—between sauna rounds triggers your thermoregulatory system into to bring your body into equilibrium by circulating blood flow to heat and cool your core temperature. Our space is optimized for full cool-down rounds with multiple cool-down zones.

Flow for Sauna Rounds

The drop-deck trailer design eliminates the need for stairs, improving safety, comfort and flow between the hot room, bonfire deck and cool-down tent.

An Urban oasis during the coldest months of the year…

There’s nothing quite like seeing your own backyard for the first time through the glow of a sauna round. By building the new sauna on wheels, the city becomes our backyard. We’ll re-introduce the citizens of these Twin Cities to the magic of sauna—and winter—one sauna round at a time!

At the Center of Sauna:



Volunteer your time to help with the campaign. We need people to host parties, be movie extras, prepare & send the schwag, field the emails, handle our social media outreach, etc. To get involved, write to us here. We’re a truly fun group to work with, and passionate about creative, authentic and comfortable Sauna experiences. Added benefit: FREE SAUNAS!

$upport the campaign

Pledge at the $200 level and get priority access to sauna reservations when we launch at Surly Brewery in February!


Think your neighbor’s life could improve through the miracle of Sauna?! Sell them hard. Get them to post all of the glorious news on their Twitters and Snaps.  The greatest thing about this Campaign is that the more successful we all are, the more cool people we all get to share the bench with. Too much win.

Become a Founding Member of the first sauna cooperative in the country.

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