Sauna Society…

Sauna Enthusiasts – we’re talking to you…

Announcing the 612 Sauna Society Kickstarter Campaign

Launching Saturday, October 15th 2016

PROPOSED GOAL: Raise $30,000 to build our very own mobile Sauna 

Thank you for your contributions of time, money, and commitment over the last two years. Without your participation and enthusiasm, there would be no 612 Sauna Society. With you, we are over two thousand strong and growing each week.

With your support this season, we will continue to grow and can insure that generations of Twin Cities residents will always have access to the transformative experience of Sauna. What’s more, this is your opportunity to work side by side with the Sauna Society as all of us build together and realize the dream of our very own vessel. 

At the Center of Sauna:


$upport the campaign

Pledge at the $200 level when the Kickstarter Campaign launches October 15th. If we get you and 149 additional people to join at this level, we will be 100% successful and have the necessary funds to move forward with the coming season. Note: only donors who give at this level and above will be eligible to be Founding Members of the Sauna Cooperative! 


Volunteer your time to help with the campaign. We need people to host parties, be movie extras, prepare & send the schwag, field the emails, handle our social media outreach, etc. To get involved, write to us here. We’re a truly fun group to work with, and passionate about creative, authentic and comfortable Sauna experiences. Added benefit: FREE SAUNAS!


Think your neighbor’s life could improve through the miracle of Sauna?! Sell them hard. Get them to one of our Sauna parties in October.Get them to post all of the glorious news on their Twitters and Snaps.  The greatest thing about this Campaign is that the more successful we all are, the more cool people we all get to share the bench with. Too much win.

Join our campaign...