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Enrollment now open!

We’re building a community that creates and shares a transformative sauna experience. Join us!

[70] spots remaining    ——- APPLICATION BELOW 

Sauna is crucial element of hygge [hyoo-geh] here in The North, almost a survival tool. Once sauna becomes a part of your lifestyle, you can’t live without it. This is precisely why the members of the 612 Sauna Society were so eager to raise the money to build The Forge, our first wood-fired mobile unit: we NEED this thing!


Together we raised $33,810 in 234 in pledges that ranged from $25 to $450 dollars. (Check out the Kickstarter here.) We built the sauna in just two months with the help of over 50 volunteers contributing hundreds of hours of labor. And now we’re keeping the doors open by forming a Sauna Co-op—the nation’s first. 

Join Us!

Special thanks to Surly Brewing Company and the American Swedish Institute for providing such ideal venues for our first two Sauna Society Residences. Hundreds have enjoyed the gift of sauna this season, and we’re JUST heating up…

Memberships for the 612 Sauna Society Cooperative, the nation’s first Sauna Co-Op, went online April 1 to our 238 Kickstarter supporters. Applications open to the Public April 8th.

To ensure benchtime availability to our Member-Owners, we are limiting this round of applications to 200

  • Kickstarter supporters will have their contribution level subtracted from $200 + All Memberships will include a $25 processing fee.

  • New Members who did not participate in the Kickstarter campaign will be on-boarded at $225.

  • To apply, Please fill out the form below. You will be sent an invoice and will then be elibile for the Member-Owner benefits.

Benefits of becoming a Member-Owner

  • Priority access and discounted sauna reservations (Prime Sauna season is of course the winter months, but the Co-Op will endeavor to be open as much as possible, contingent on Member-Owner and Volunteer contributions.)

  • Access to group reservations & weekend retreats.

  • Invites to special pop-up Sauna parties throughout the year.
  • Opportunity to become a 612 Sauna Society Stoker, our volunteer and leadership team that makes it all happen—includes free sauna, joy, and great friendship.
  • Voting rights: You shape the future of the 612 Sauna Society.
  • Member-owners elect and can run for the Board of Directors*
    • Future annual refunds: Members receive refunds based on yearly profits, individual patronage and particpation in the co-op.**


* Member-Owners must patronize the Co-op at least once per year to maintain Active status and voting rights. 

** After an initial growth period, the 612 Sauna Society board will determine when to begin issuing yearly patronage refunds to members.

See you on the bench!

The North’s Urban Sauna Revival