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 Preseason Workshops, Training & Reservations

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October 21, 22, 28 and 29 
October Preseason at Hidden Beach  

The 612 Sauna Society has been invited by the Kenwood Neighborhood Association to host two glorious weekends of Sauna at Hidden Beach. These preseason pop-up session will provide our Stoker Team a chance to practice hosting and operations while bringing some heat and family fun to the Kenwood Neighborhood.     

Location: Hidden Beach: 2000 S. Upton Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55405



– Bathing suit (required)
– Water bottle (non-metal)
– Towels (an extra towel for final round and rinse is recommended)
– Potluck Sauna snacks to share (optional)


Please arrive hydrated so you can enjoy the full benefits of your time on the bench. 

Sauna promotes healthy blood flow by activation of the thermoregulatory system. Practicing full “rounds” will provide the full health benefits. A round consists of 10-20 mins in the hot room (your body will tell you when your time is up), followed by a cool-down period outside. Letting your body cool down between rounds by relaxing, rinsing in the outdoor shower and/or a dip in the lake will increase your circulation and provide the full physical and mental benefit of the experience. A typical sauna session consists of 3-4 rounds of this hot-cold treatment.

Learn more about the health benfits of Sauna here.


** No refunds. Sorry, we are a small staff of volunteers and simply do not have the bandwidth at this time to process refunds. We’re putting all our bandwidth into creating a superb Sauna experience. We hope you take this as extra incentive to show up and enjoy it!  ** 

Our events are family friendly. Alcohol is not permitted. 

The Sauna will be hosted by a trained member of our Stoker Trainee team at all times. If you have further questions about Sauna, The Forge or the 612 Sauna Society, please ask a member of the Stoker Team, or email us at 

Oh, and please remember to sign the guest book before leaving! 

Non-Member Reservations
Member-Owner Reservations

SEPTEMBER  >>>>>>>>>>>
Preseason Workshops

Come to learn, stay for Sauna! From design to hosting and health—Preseason workshop sessions are open to anyone interested in learning and sharing the transformative tradition of Sauna. Details and registration below.

OCTOBER  >>>>>>>>>>>>
Pop-up Operations Training

Operations training and practice for this year’s Stoker hosting team. Look for pop-up Sauna opportunities and Stoker sign-up below to learn more about our Sauna Stoker hosting program.

Kickoff Residency! 

Join us for our Kickoff residency with a special community partner. Past locations include the American Swedish Institute, Surly Brewing, Como Park, and Blackbird Cafe. Sign up here for updates to receive details on membership and reservations. 

Join the 612 STOKER Team

In order to open the Forge to its Member-owners, the Co-op needs personnel trained to operate the Sauna and execute openings at residencies throughout the Twin Cities this winter.


  • Hosting certification (upon completion of 2 Workshop sessions)
  • Paid hosting shifts and free Sauna

    Trainees will receive training and hosting practice during September and October Preseason Workshop sessions to qualify for paid hosting shifts at The Forge starting November 1.

    The training program fee is $50 and includes lots of free benchtime at The Forge during Preseason Workshops. Your workshop registrations fees will be deducted from the $50 program fee. Once qualified, Stokers can sign up for paid hosting shifts at The Forge throughout the Sauna season.

Please know that dozens of volunteers are putting in mad hours to make this happen, and it’s happening quickly! Thank you for your support and patience. The best place to stay up-to-date on Sauna Society developments is our Facebook Group page. You can also follow us on Twitter & Instagram @612SaunaSociety.


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